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Sports massage starting from £35.00…

We offer a range of massage techniques at Physio 2 Live to meet your requirements with our highly skilled Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist, Clare Rickwood. Clare specialises in deep tissue massage, as well as, myofascial release. Whether you have an injury or are just looking to relieve muscular tension, book now to see Clare and receive 10% off your initial appointment when you book online. Alternatively contact Clare direct to discuss your requirements on tel:07799777034 or email: clare@pt2live.com.

Chronic muscle tension, can be felt within the body as taut rigid bands of painful tissue in muscles, tendons and ligaments. These adhesions block circulation followed by capital Limiting oxygens and nutrients to the tissues, leading to pain and inflammation that ultimately limit movement. Deep tissue massage can relieve muscular pain and restore tissue health, as it breaks up and releases the toxins built up within the tissues. As well, deep tissue massage alleviates scar tissue and may help relieve emotional tension.

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